Package Deals

Our Video Services
Our commercial, corporate, and web videos use motion graphics to communicate your message in a way that is fresh and impactful. Designing and animating your video is just part of what we do – we work on every phase of your video, from finessing your script, to shooting live action and producing voiceover and music.

General Project Specifications
Prices are based on animations created in After Effects using assets created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Light 3D animation or use of stock models may be included depending on the project.

If your project requires heavy 3D modeling and animation, or requires custom compositing, rotoscoping, motion tracking, or color correction, we will create a custom quote specific to your project needs.

Motion Graphic Package
These prices include 2 set of design concepts and one round of revisions. Video scripting, background music and voice over costing not included. Before your project(s) begin production, we can offer as many additional design concept boards as you like, however there is an additional charge. Package itself included 2 concept board, additional concept board charge RM800.00. Video scripting and voice over require custom quote.

  • 5 -second spot ————RM650
  • 10 -second spot  ——–RM1000
  • 15 -second spot ———RM1800
  • 20 -second spot  ——–RM2300
  • 30 -second spot  ——–RM2800
  • 45 -second spot  ——–RM3000
  • 60 -second spot  ——–RM3250
  • 90 -second spot  ——–RM4875
  • 120 -second spot ——-RM6500
  • 150 -second spot ——-RM8125
  • 180 -second spot ——-RM9750
  • 180+ above -second spot ——-Custom Quote


Animated Logo Designs Package
Give your Brand some style, Custom logos for companies, products, shows, promotions, etc.

  • Logo Design——RM500
  • 3 additional concepts—–RM300